Training World Cup Champions, Surgeons, and the Boston Celtics–the Mind as a Secret Weapon in Peak Performance

We all know people with reputations for thriving under pressure.  As the stakes rise, so does their performance.  Sports offer some of the most vivid examples of this tendency, with athletes like Kobe Bryant always seeming to make the big play and others…not. These stone-cold superstars are genetic anomalies.  While most of us mere mortals […]

Mindfulness meets Brain Plasticity

Throughout my own exploration of health and well being I have tried a lot of things in my search for balance and quality of life. My current focus is accepting a healthy outlook on life and being a better person. With the full catastrophe of work, commute, family life (3 kids), and the general day-to-day, […]

Why isn’t brain health top of mind?

Why isn’t brain health top of mind? Recently I’ve been speaking to people all over the country about what a healthy lifestyle means to them.  The reason I’m doing this is to understand where brain health fits in with overall health: eating right, exercise and emotional health.  What I mostly hear from folks is that […]